Fine & Delicious Food Hardaway Gourmet Since 1972 the celebrated cuisine of Experience the grand setting HARDAWAY Gourmet Grilled Octopus with "Borlotti Marinati" and Spicy Limoncello Vinaigrette $18 Mussels "alla Tarantina" with Chianti Vinegar and Ricotta Salata $19 Roasted Beef Tartare with Rice Beans and Arugula $10 Armandino's Salami Culatello and Hot Soppressata $15 Tasting Menus Gourmet Special Local & Seasonal Food Hardaway Gourmet Farm-To-Table

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Hardaway Gourmet was founded by a family-oriented team. Having grown up hosting friends and family around the dinner table, it was inevitable that they dreamed of starting a business doing what they knew best.

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Nearly two decades of culinary genius… What began as a vision of a family business has now expanded onto its third generation and is proud to be a Certified Black Owned & Operated Enterprise.

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Over 250 Delicious & Tasty

Stunning Cuisines

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High Quality Foods

Whether it is an intimate dinner or conference for over 2,000 participants, your guests will be most impressed!

Inspiring Recipes

Whatever your taste preferences or event theme, Hardaway Gourmet has the perfect recipes & settings to match.

Extraordinary Meals

Whether simple hors devours or elegant luxurious banquets, rest assured your cuisine will be extraordinary.

Veteran Staff

Our Executive Management team is fully trained to treat each client as if they are “family” – only offering the best.

Pristine Ingredients

Only the freshest & most high quality organic ingredients make it into Hardaway Gourmet meals & cuisines.

Express Delivery

Prompt preparation & service is essential to any successful banquet or social event. Hardaway Gourmet is always on time.

Enjoy with Family and Friends

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Salubrious Snacks

Healthy eating is a whole new lifestyle. Hardaway Gourmet is always ahead of the new food & culinary trends

Healthy Drinks

Appealing drink alternatives; juices, low-calorie drinks or spring water for guests who abstain from alcohol

Chocolate Desserts

A delicious, healthy alternative; combine chocolate with superfoods, nuts & create its own dessert station

Hot Spirits

Alcohol options allow you to serve healthier options such as gluten free wine, light beer or soda mixes

Packaged Foods

Kale or vegetable chips with low fat healthy dip options allow healthier, interesting alternatives.

Spicy Stuff

Asparagus spicy vegetable blankets work particularly well; it has a sweeter taste that compliments the bacon

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Decoration Chef

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Hardaway Gourmet

Whether catering an early morning board of directors meeting or a company-wide holiday dinner, Hardaway Gourmet consistently delivers the extraordinary culinary tastes and expectations that our clients demand.

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